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Steven White brings twenty-five years of tennis teaching experience to focus on the fundamentals of the game for the young, the beginning, and the improving player. The book allows young readers to learn the basic strokes of tennis from easy-to-follow text, written with a combination of simple and more complex sentences and carefully introducing new vocabulary. The Manga characters not only provide an interesting looking book but the figures illustrate the various strokes and positions the author is describing.

This book is a must for the many children who want to learn the fundamentals of the game and those who are constantly striving to improve their game. 

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Here's a sample of the book's content, titled...

"A time to experiment"

While I’ve stressed the importance of consistency when you practice, I don’t want you to get the idea that you should be conservative. Your practice sessions should also be a time to experiment, to try to develop a new shot. Push yourself to the limits as you practice. You can do this by playing every ball that passes over the net. For example, even if your practice partner’s lob is going out, smash it back by making that extra effort. Similarly, get your partner to blast a few serves at you and try to return any that clear the net, even if they land outside the service box. Then, the next time you face a hard serving player in a match, you’ll have your swing grooved and ready for action. And when your strokes feel good in practice, test them by taking the ball a little earlier. By testing yourself in practice, you’ll realize that you can do more than you’d ever thought possible.  



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It's manga illustrated! 

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