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     "The Historical Adventures of Alfred J. Buttermouse"

By Steven R. White

   Buttermouse and the Cowboy

After clearing the dust from his eyes, the first thing Buttermouse saw was a real, honest to goodness cowboy. When he was a young mouse, his father used to read gun-slinging cowboy adventures to him. But this cowboy seemed different. There were no smoking guns in sight, and there didn’t seem to be a posse on his trail. In fact, Buttermouse thought, “What is so special about being a cowboy?” He decided to find out.  

Buttermouse and the Sails of Plunder

Captain Pillage also knew that they had to back up their noisy swaggering threats with sharp blades, loaded pistols and powerful cannons. So he made sure his men were always armed to the teeth when their bluffs erupted into thunderous, bloody situations. When this happened, rather than blasting their potential prize to the bottom of the ocean, it was better for them to board their quarry and fight the other crew in hand-to-hand combat. And heaven help a merchant crew that chose to fight rather than surrender.

Buttermouse and the Flying Pioneers

The Wright brothers weren’t the only aviation pioneers trying to build successful flying machines, but they had a great advantage over the others – they built bikes. In their well-equipped workshop back in Ohio, they could make virtually all the parts for their aircraft at very little cost. But supplying the parts and building the glider was just the beginning. Like Buttermouse and his inability to control himself in the air, the brothers would have to figure out how to control their glider before attempting to fly it under the power of a motor and propellers.

“How do we go about testing the glider?” Buttermouse asked.

“Oh, that’s the easy part,” Orville said. “We’ll tie ropes to the ends of the glider and we’ll fly it like a kite.

And that’s just what they did.


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