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From tennis pro to a writer of children's books

Steven White, a professional tennis instructor and former satellite tour player, is certified with the Professional Tennis Registry, the worlds’ largest international organization of tennis teachers and coaches. He is a life-long competitive player and enthusiast that’s been teaching tennis for nearly a quarter of a century. Steven has authored and illustrated four books in the tennis arena.

Bring Your Racquet: Tennis Basics for Kids - Kirk House Publishers

Teaching Tennis: Protocol for Instructors - Wish Publishing

Competitive Tennis Needs an Engine, Fuel, and a Road Map - PublishAmerica

Grassroots Tennis: Helping Parents and Coaches Teach Kids - Lulu

It was not until the completion and publication of Bring Your Racquet (a book for young readers) did Steven realize he possessed an undeniable knack and love for writing books for children and young adults. Drawing from his painstakingly acquired, yet, somewhat polished abilities as a published author and illustrator, and after meticulous research, Steven began to write and illustrate The Historical Adventures of Alfred J. Buttermouse (not yet published) Cleverly woven in the fabric of each adventure are whimsical illustrations and historically accurate slices of time that will capture the interest and minds of young readers, promoting their innate sense of wonder and fun in reading.

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